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The IL450 series is the first true commercial grade LED industrial light, designed to replace existing high-pressure mercury, high pressure sodium, and metal halide lamp fixtures of much higher wattage classes. It is available in numerous choices of optics for a wide range of applications. The IL450 is constructed from high grade aluminum alloys and has an IP68 (waterproof) and petrochemical industry rating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Its Patented Air Bi-Pass Convection System enables excellent thermal management to ensure long LED life with extended lumen maintenance and virtually zero fixture maintenance. Without any secondary optics the IL450 industrial light provides ultra-bright industry leading high efficacy and light output, resulting in cost effective solutions with a short ROI period. Available with numerous versatile mounting systems including its patented Snap & Turn mounting system enabling simple, safe and cost effective installation.

tech drawing D-IL450

Benefits of LED Lighting

Ultra low energy consumption resulting in a more green and sustainable environmentUp to 40 – 60% savings compared to mercury/ sodium & metal halide lamps of higher wattage

Eliminates the costly repairs and replacements of bulbs or fluorescent tubes

Minimal environmental hazard upon disposal
Solid state electronics with no filaments or gas tubes

No harmful Ultra-Violet rays

Rugged-shatterproof & shock resistant

No ballasts or cold start problems

Increased safety with minimal risk of fire hazards

Advantages of IL450

Technologically Advanced, low profile all-purpose LED
industrial light

Ultra bright industry leading High Efficacy (lm/W) luminaire

Proprietary Reflector Controlled Optics enabling glare-free uniform lighting for all working environments eliminating the need for costly and fragile plastic lenses

Cost effective solution with a Short ROI Period

Patented Advanced Integrated Thermal Technology enables low LED junction temperatures (Tj) for maintenance free long life

First true industrial grade luminaire that is IP68 (waterproof) and Petro-Chemical Industry rated with an exceptional 7-Year Limited Warranty

Easy installation with Patented Snap &Turn Mounting System


  • IL 450 Light Module designed to last 70,000 hours with a minimum of 70% Lumen Maintenance
  • High lumen output & high efficacy
  • Available in neutral (4000K) / cool (5000K)white
  • Indoor / outdoor IP68 (Waterproof)


  • Patented Isolated Membrane Heat Sink ®System with 360° high-flow convection designed to spread the heat away from the hot-zone thereby minimizing the LED junction temperature when used in environments exceeding 50°C (122°F)
  • Low-profile design enables it to be used in various spaces and applications
  • Patented Quick Mount Snap & Turn mounting system provides for safe and easy installation to any surface or structure
  • Powder coated with industrial grade Dura-Guard double layer epoxy for year round indoor/outdoor applications with industry leading 10 years protection on weather


  • Patented MCPCB Technology enables ultra low LED junction temperatures for maintenance fr e e long life
  • Integrated high efficiency LED driver and power supply
  • Smart circuitry with surge and transient voltage protection
  • Powered by industry leading high brightness LED chip


  • Full Cut -Off proprietary reflector and optical system providing powerful glare free uniform lighting
Item Power Luminous Flux (lm) CRI CCT IP Rating
D-IL450-75 75W 8,400lm 75 3000K – 5000K IP68
D-IL450-100 100W 11,000lm
D-IL450-120 120W 13,000lm
D-IL450-150 150W 16,300lm
D-IL450-160 160W 22,700lm

External Dimensions

External Dimensions








Mounting Options
Mounting Options D-IL450


Lighting Applications
• Food Processing Plants  • Manufacturing Plants  • Warehouses  • Parking Structures  • Canopy Lighting
• Sports Arenas  • Airplane Hangers

Project Examples

High Bay Example1-DL Technology
An auto repair shop has replaced their 350W Metal Halide mid bay fixtures with a 100W IL450. This retrofit will deliver brighter and better quality lighting along with energy and maintenance savings of over $2000 per fixture over five years
High Bay Example2-DL Technology Pte Ltd
A gas station chain has replaced their 400W Metal Halide canopy fixtures with a 120W IL450. This retrofit will deliver brighter and better quality lighting along with energy and maintenance savings of over $2000 per fixture over five years