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Benefits of LED Lighting Advantages of RWL II
  • Ultra low energy consumption resulting in a more green and sustainable environment
  • Up to 40 -­ 60% savings compared to mercury / sodium & metal halide lamps of higher wattage
  • Eliminates unnecessary service and repair costs
  • Minimal environmental hazard upon disposal
  • Increased road visibility and safety
  • No harmful Ultra-­Violet rays
  • Rugged -­ waterproof unit
  • No ballasts or cold start problems
  • Increased safety with minimal risk of fire hazards
  • Technologically Advanced, low profile design
  • Ultra bright industry leading High Efficacy (lm/W)
  • Proprietary Optical Diffuser System enabling wide angle glare-­free lighting for most street lighting applications.
    Eliminating the need for costly and fragile plastic lenses
  • Cost effective solution with a Short ROI Period
  • Dark Sky Compliant / Full Cut-­Off Optics
  • Patented Advanced Integrated Thermal Technology enables low LED junction temperatures (Tj) for maintenance free long life
  • Available with Programmable and RF Wireless Dali Smart Control System enabling greater flexibility and maximizing savings for municipalities
  • First true industrial grade street light designed to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions with IP68 (waterproof) rating and an exceptional 7-­Year Limited Warranty

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  • RWLII Street Light Module designed to last 70,000 hours with a minimum of 70% Lumen Maintenance
  • High lumen output & high efficacy
  • Available in neutral (4000K) / cool (5000K) white
  • IP68 (Waterproof) rated fixture
  • Full Cut-­Off optical system with no glare or light pollution
  • Ideal application for 6 to 9 meters pole height with apole pitch of 15 to 30 meters


  • Patented Isolated Membrane Heat Sink ®System with 360° high-­flow convection designed to spread the heataway from the hot-zone thereby minimizing the LED junction temperature when used in environments exceeding 50°C (122°F)
  • Powder coated with industrial grade Dura-­Guard double layer epoxy for year round outdoor application with industry leading 10 years protection on weather and corrosion


  • Patented MCPCB Technology enables ultra low LED junction temperatures for maintenance fr e e long life
  • Integrated high efficiency LED driver and power supply
  • Smart circuitry with surge and transient voltage protection
  • Powered by industry leading high brightness LED chip


  • Full Cut -­Off proprietary reflector and optical system providing powerful glare free uniform lighting

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  • TYPE II Wide Street Lighting
  • TYPE V Round
  • Parking Lots
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Parks and Walkway Lighting