SML3000 Low Mid Bay Lighting
The SML3000 is a light weight, all-purpose Low – Mid Bay light fixture with versatile mounting options. It is designed to replace fluorescent fixtures of much higher wattages for multiple applications. This ultra-energy efficient high output luminaire consumes only 75Watts and provides glare free, 240° comfortable uniform lighting in most working environments.
The patented Passive Air Cooling System enables low LED Junction Temperatures (Tj) for maintenance free long life.

SML3000 Linear LED Lighting

Benefits Of LED Lighting Advantages of D-SML3000
Ultra low energy consumption resulting in a  more green and sustainable environment

Up to 80% savings compared to filament bulbs or 60% compared to fluorescent tubes.

Eliminates the costly repairs and replacements of bulbs or fluorescent tubes

Minimal environmental hazard upon disposal

Solid state electronics with no filaments or gas tubes
No harmful Ultra-Violet rays

Rugged-shatterproof & shock resistant

No ballasts or cold start problems

Increased safety with minimal risk of fire hazards     

LED linear industrial lighting with short ROI period

Light weight easy to install versatile design with
various mounting options

Smart Circuitry System gives greater protection
when used in unstable electrical grids

Glare-Free, 240° comfortable uniform lighting for all working environments

Patented Passive Air Cooling System enables low

LED junction temperatures (Tj) for maintenance free long life

Easy Access Serviceable all-in-one junction box /  LED driver

Cost effective Solution as a true LED replacement with a 5-Year Warranty


  • Light module is designed to last 60,000 hours with a minimum of 70% Lumen Maintenance
  • High lumen output & high efficacy
  • Available in warm (3000K), neutral (4000K) and cool (5000K) white
  • Ultra-energy efficient
  • Indoor / outdoor IP61


  • Patented MCPCB Technology enables ultra low LED junction temperatures for maintenance free long life
  • Integrated high efficiency LED driver and power supply
  • Smart circuitry with surge and transient voltage protection
  • Powered by industry leading high brightness LED chip

Light Module

  • Patented Passive Air-Flow Convection® System designed to minimize heat and maximize LED life by reducing junction temperature of the LED
  • SML is manufactured using only the highest grade extruded alloys in the construction of each luminaire to maximize performance


  • Proprietary reflector and optical diffuser system enables 240° glare-free comforting soft light without the uncomfortable LED “eye piercing effect


Item Power Luminous Flux (lm) CRI CCT IP Rating
D-SML3000 75W 8,100 lumens 85 3000K – 5000K IP61

External Dimensions

SML3000 LED Light dimension

Mounting Options
SML3000 LED Lighting Mounting Options

Typical Applications

• Manufactuing & Food Processing Plants  •  Warehouses  •  Car Bays  •  Parking Structures  •  Utility Lighting
• Convenient Stores
  •  Supermarkets