Rechargeable LED Table Lamps & Candles

DL LED table lamp system is a rechargeable Candle Lamp system with Inductive charging (no connection pins). Each DL lamp system contains 4 or 12 rechargeabe LED candles with Natural looking flicker. Wireless Inductive Charging Base and Universal Power adaptor.

Up to 4 charging trays (total 48 candles) can be connected together using 1 single power adapter.
Candle Extend

Our unique design using Wireless Inductive Charging Base eliminates the need for charging connector on candle greatly improving lifespan and reliability of the product along with the ease on placing candles onto charging base.

Candles can be used indoors and out and are suitable for Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Show Hoes, Caterers, Bars, Churches Wedding and any occasions which requires candle lighting to enhance the ambiance of the venue. They are also prefect for outdoor venue as they resist winds. DL LED lamp candle system are attractive and economical as they are rechargeable.

Remote Control Version
Our DL LED candles are also available in remote control version which are ideal for larger restaurants and the hospitality industry by reducing time and manpower required to turn on candles individually. With a simple press of a switch on the remote control, unlimited candles can be turned on or off even with candles inside the holders as well as those are to reach areas.

Unique Features

  • Selectable Natural Flickering or non flickering
  • Standard On/Off
  • Water resistant with inductive charging design
  • Burn time of up to 20hours
  • Preset timer
  • Wind Proof suitable for outdoor venues
  • Unlimited candles to single remote


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