Our range of temperature measuring instruments included digital and probe thermometers, infrared thermometers and digital thermal imagers

DTM-112 Infrared Digital Thermometer
The DTM-112 is a highly reliable and easy to use Infrared Digital Thermometer using laser sight technology. The thermometer comes with a certificate of calibration to ensure accuracy. Suitable Applications include Lab Use, Logistics, Industrial Applications, HVAC, HACCP & Automotive.

Infared Thermometer DTM-112Main Features

  • Laser Sight Technology
  • Real Time Maximum Temperature Reading
  • Last Reading Memory Recall by pressing Cº /Fº
  • Large LCD Screen with Bright White Backlight
  • Auto Power Off after 15 Sec
  • Calibration Certificate Provided


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DTM-501 Thermal Imaging Camera
The DTM-501 is the latest addition to our temperature measuring range and features highly reliable and easy to read thermal imaging technology. Compact and lightweight with outstanding measuring accuracy. Suitable applications includes Industrial Processes, Building Diagnostics, Electrical & Mechanical Diagnostics, Solar and HVAC.

DTM-501Main Features

  • Fully automatic & Focus Free
  • Outstanding Measurement Accuracy
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Reporting Software Included
  • SD Card Storage
  • Calibration Certificate Provided


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