Wireless Temperature / Humidity / CO2 / Moisture Sensors

Sensors You Can Trust

Our Sensorist range of sensors are custom designed and built to be accurate and user-friendly.

The system is modular and made up of multiple parts that connect seamlessly together – all manageable from one online Sensorist® account. It consists of a gateway, which is connected to your Internet router, and a number of wireless sensors.
Every 15 minutes the sensors transmit temperature and humidity measurements to the gateway. The gateway passes the measurements on to our servers – from where they can be explored using our website or app.Setup takes less than 2 minutes with our free and easy to use softwareWireless Temperature & RH Sensor Set up

Temperature Sensor GatewayThe gateway is the communicator between the sensors and the Internet. It connects to power using thesupplied adapter and via Ethernet to your home network for Internet access.

It communicates wirelessly with the sensors and can receive data from up to 100 sensors within 100 meters (max 10 sensors in residential version and 100 sensors in Pro Version).

It will continuously send the measurements to our Sensorist servers. In most cases you need just one gateway. Unless you want to measure in widely separated locations.

Dimension 80 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm.


Wireless Temperature SensorSensors

The sensors are the devices that actually measure the temperature and relative humidity every quarter of an hour. They are wireless and run on replaceable AAA batteries (1+ year battery life).

They can be placed inside or outside, as long as they don’t get wet.

Our sensors have the ability to have a probe connected to them through a plug at the bottom.
Temperature range and accuracy is from -35 °C to 60 °C ±0.5 °C. Humidity from 15 % to 90 % ±10%.

Dimension 100 mm x 55 mm x 23 mm


Temperature Probe
The optional temperature probe connects to the sensor. It gives you an additional temperature recording.

We have two probe versions. One for general use and one with a cork for mounting into wine bottles.

By correlating the sensor with the probe temperature, you can see how the surrounding environment affects the environment of the probe

Easy to Use Free Software

Every one of our Sensorist® solution comes with our free user-friendly software on desktop & mobile. With all of your sensor measurements easily at hand you’ll never miss out on temperature & humidity changes. **Monthly cloud subscription fees applies.Quickly see your current environment situation and explore useful analytics & beautiful visualizations of the historic recordings. Get alerted at custom temperature & humidity levels, so you can take appropriate actions before it’s too late.
Temp & RH Sensor Software
IPHONE & Android App

Easy to use free app for your iPhone & Android with all of your latest and historic measurements right at hand.